Phone Answering Services

  • Live operator
  • Dedicated line
  • Answered with your business name
  • Voicemail
  • After hours voicemail

Phone Call Management

Never miss a call again!! Handford Virtual Services can answer your phone calls if you are busy, sick or taking a holiday.

Your business number can be forwarded occasionally or all the time to a number created by Handford Virtual Services specifically for your business.  This call is answered by a live operator with your business name.  A message will be taken and sent to your nominated email and or SMS.

If the operator is unable to answer the call your client is given a specifically recorded message for your business asking them to hold to give the operator time to answer the call or given the opportunity to leave a voicemail.  This voicemail is automatically sent to your nominated email.

An after hours message is specifically recorded for your business letting your clients know your business hours and will give your clients the option of leaving a voicemail which is forwarded to your nominated email.